Brixton Bridge Design Competition



The two bespoke hand crafted typefaces (designed by Carolyne Hill) are inspired by a typographic study of typefaces in Brixton dating as far back as the Doomsday Book, through the 18th century right up to today. By looking at the different typefaces associated with the history of Brixton we are transported through time, generations and styles. I wanted to create a typeface which represented the different sides of Brixton. The bridge lends itself to this concept as it is split horizontally across two panes which provide the split between the two types merging into one. This is the basis of my thoughts around Brixton - its past coming together to meet the future here in the present day.


When you talk to Brixtonians about Brixton you get a passionate view of the place, its past and people. Brixton has a rich history which cannot be forgotten as it is in the hearts and minds of many generations. This quote is by Olive Morris, a Brixton community activist who campaigned on issues of inequality, racism, unemployment and housing rights. As a woman from Brixton I believe she is the kind of role model we should celebrate and remember. She also is featured on a Brixton Pound note. Like myself she studied at the London College of Printing and is an original Brixton local.