Weekly Art Fix : Bridget Riley

I've been quite fascinated by the artist Bridget Riley since discovering her work as a teenager studying GCSE art. I'd always been a fan of pop art and was a huge Andy Warhol fan already by then. But this was different, I was impressed by her as she was a prominent woman on the pop art scene who had created such vibrant and bold paintings which lure your eye into the mix of lines, stripes, circles and colour.

I admired her strong visual style and upon discovering that we share the same birthday and she was born in Norwood where I was also at school in South London. I'd always seen her as a role model and inspiration.

These photos are from the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art which we visited on a day off from the Fringe Festival (which was amazing!). The gallery was a beautiful space which takes you through the ancient architecture of Scotland to the modern. With its oh so trendy logo and scattering of beautiful sculptures - I was truly impressed. Upon discovering they had a Bridget Riley exhibition I was so excited (nerd alert!). Enjoy x