Marrakech : The Moroccan Escape

A lovely escape to the sunshine in winter is all one needs to remember the beauty in the world! Marrakech was a great place to visit! The Majorelle Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens i've ever visited. The exotic green palms contrasting with the vibrant Moroccan blue and yellow tones provided such a visual feast for the eyes.

So many gems - enjoy!

Chillcreate Blog : What Next...

Hello this is my new blog dedicated to whatever comes next...

I quit my job as a creative director in December 2015 having decided that although I love being a graphic designer I was bored of the London design agency scene. It was my goal 15 years ago to be a director and I achieved that a few years ago and recently found myself thinking 'what next?'.

Travel has always featured highly in my life so that has been my dream which i have embraced again. This blog is a body of work in progress; a platform to document my travel, art, design and other creative interests from this amazing world we live in.