Weekly Art Fix : Made you look - Photographers Gallery

Made You  Look : Dandyism and Black Masculinity

This is the first time i've actually visited the Photographers Gallery. Just behind Oxford Street, I've walked past several times so this time I'm glad I got involved!

A beautifully curated exhibition of studio and street photography from a range of photographers exploring black masculinity. The show captures such amazing looks from a historically and geographically diverse perspective.

My favourite selection is the range of photos by Malick Sidibé who captures such an energy and look of strength from his subjects. Each picture takes you into a time where you imagine what it would have been like for these men and from their fashion and 'dandyism' you see the personality and strength captured in a moment.

It's always great to see Hassan Hajjaj photos up close as the colours, vibrancy and energy is so electric. These pictures really make me wonder at the personalities of his subjects - who are they?

The other thing I really enjoyed about the show was the superb typography. Trust the graphic designer to get all excited about type at a photography exhibition! Slick.

Abu Dhabi Sights

Visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was an illuminating experience. I didn't expect to be so amazed by the beautiful architecture and lighting which changed throughout the evening over sunset. 

The mosque was constructed from 1996 to 2007. It is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. I was in awe of the intricate beautiful detail throughout the Mosque's interior and exterior which use materials including marble stone, gold, semi-precious stones,crystals and ceramics.

After our day visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque we did a classic sand dune adventure. This was fun and also showed a different side of the Abu Dhabi lifestyle. The tour included a visit to a desert 'village' where we could sample various UAE cultural dress, food and entertainment!