Marrakech : The Moroccan Escape

A lovely escape to the sunshine in winter is all one needs to remember the beauty in the world! Marrakech was a great place to visit! The Majorelle Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens i've ever visited. The exotic green palms contrasting with the vibrant Moroccan blue and yellow tones provided such a visual feast for the eyes.

So many gems - enjoy!

Art Class Update : Week 6 -Blue Bananas

This week we focused on tone. We were only allowed to use one colour and white... I opted for blue as i'm interested in learning more about tone in colour rather than just black and white. 

It takes some serious concentration and study to really get tone... which can be quite frustrating. But if you keep at it and keep updating the layers and assessing which is lighter or darker things start to take shape.

A day later I quite like my blue bananas!