Weekly Art Fix : Made you look - Photographers Gallery

Made You  Look : Dandyism and Black Masculinity

This is the first time i've actually visited the Photographers Gallery. Just behind Oxford Street, I've walked past several times so this time I'm glad I got involved!

A beautifully curated exhibition of studio and street photography from a range of photographers exploring black masculinity. The show captures such amazing looks from a historically and geographically diverse perspective.

My favourite selection is the range of photos by Malick Sidibé who captures such an energy and look of strength from his subjects. Each picture takes you into a time where you imagine what it would have been like for these men and from their fashion and 'dandyism' you see the personality and strength captured in a moment.

It's always great to see Hassan Hajjaj photos up close as the colours, vibrancy and energy is so electric. These pictures really make me wonder at the personalities of his subjects - who are they?

The other thing I really enjoyed about the show was the superb typography. Trust the graphic designer to get all excited about type at a photography exhibition! Slick.

Weekly Art Fix : Jeff Koons

In an effort to stimulate my creativity and to take advantage of the vast amount of accessible art around us in London (and the world) I have decided to make this a new feature of my week and blog.

This week I visited the Newport Street Gallery in Vauxhall, London. The gallery is owned by Damien Hirst and is part of the regeneration and re imagining of Vauxhall from an old and sightly forgotten part of central south London to this clean cut, arty zone with contrasting old buildings and swish sharp lines of modern London architecture. The gallery is lovely, beautifully designed inside and out and it's FREE!!!! 

The exhibition : Jeff Koons - Now

Time Out Bar Awards : Matugga Rum

Coming home from 4 months of travel to receive an invitation to the Time Out Bar Awards was a nice touch! It is really encouraging and satisfying seeing designs you have personally developed from the start being served in top London locations. 

Matugga Rum was created just over a year ago by good friends Jacine and Paul Rutasikwa. Working together with Errol Donald we created a brand to reflect the British rum with an African soul.

Photo credit www.davidtett.com/timeoutbarawards2016

Photo credit www.davidtett.com/timeoutbarawards2016

The awards were held at the awesome Rumpus Room at the Mondrian, London. I absolutely love the interior of the space and the roof top views are great.