Art Class Update : Final Week - Life Painting

I've thoroughly enjoyed my weekly art class at the Art Academy in London Bridge. The final class was the perfect end with a beautiful life painting session. The past few weeks have been good to get to grips with painting again. Simple pointers and lessons from the tutor have really made me think about expressive freedom, how to hold the brush and mixing paints to achieve unique colours. Its been a fun and useful practice for me to dedicate one evening a week to purely artistic endeavours. 

The class is over but I am going to try and keep up my weekly art sessions!

Art Class Update : Week 6 -Blue Bananas

This week we focused on tone. We were only allowed to use one colour and white... I opted for blue as i'm interested in learning more about tone in colour rather than just black and white. 

It takes some serious concentration and study to really get tone... which can be quite frustrating. But if you keep at it and keep updating the layers and assessing which is lighter or darker things start to take shape.

A day later I quite like my blue bananas!

Art Class Update : Week 5 - Printmaking

Linocut Printmaking

Oh what fun. I remember linocut printing from school art classes. Loved it then and I do now again! Such instant satisfaction of seeing a mark you've made appear boldly on a crisp white sheet of paper rolling through the old fashioned big wheel press.

I decided this week to explore another of my regular doodles - circles and triangles. I love the relationship between the shapes as they cross over and create new forms. I think the linocut is a great way to explore these geometric shapes using a quite free handed process.