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Taking a Stand : Grenfell

After the Grenfell fire I felt so sad and helpless. Sitting safe at home, watching the news while the fire raged on, there was nothing I could do but pray for those families who lost everything in that blazing inferno. It was incomprehensible how these people could be so neglected that we were left to watch in sadness as the fire was finally extinguished and then watch again in utter disbelief the stories that started coming from survivors and firemen. 

I was moved to make a sign and get out there and use my voice to protest at Kensington and Chelsea town hall. The people there needed my sign I thought... who would have time to have sorted graphics in such a short space of time? I'm glad I did as there were not many visible signs... there were a lot of very (rightfully) angry people being glared at by the press and their unforgiving cameras. The council were not opening up their doors so I also wanted them, up there in their safe towers to see and read that we the people demand justice for the Grenfell victims.

I was photographed, quoted and filmed by many press organisations. I ended up being one of many voices of protest - I really wanted to articulate the disgust and dismay that many of us are feeling. I felt I had to stand for what I believed in there and then. We all do. We owe it to our communities.

We are London.
We are Strong.

Click link below to view video:

Click link below to view video:

As artists and creatives perhaps now is the time to take a stand for our beliefs? This was spotted in Crystal Palace by artist Artful_Dodger_01.