HATCH : Talawa Theatre Company

This summer I was introduced to the amazing team at Talawa theatre to help with promotions for their TYPT:16 production of HATCH.

This was a very different design brief! Our first meeting was an open ideas session where everyone who was to be involved in the production met for the first time to develop an idea for the production. No name, concept or script existed at this stage, all ideas were welcome. Such a refreshing way of starting a project! It was an invigorating and lively meeting which left me quite excited as to what I could produce for the graphics.

I gave lots of graphical options for the theme, but the directors were drawn to the more photographic routes which required some quick thinking. I was obsessed by doorways and hatches and everywhere I looked could see some kind of hidden entrance or exit along my daily travels. In the end I found the perfect 'hatch' in Brixton. An old doorway off the high street which genuinely looked as if it was some kind of barrier to a hidden life behind its locked doors.

The other amazing thing that happened was that I got to work with the props team in creating some props for the show. I've always wondered who and how sets are created and this was my first opportunity to get involved. I had a brilliant few days at Talawa painting protest banners, making a police shield and a few other small items. 

The best thing about this whole experience was seeing that after having left the corporate design world there are so many opportunities out there working for other creative people and that my skills and knowledge are easy transferrable! Good stuff. 

Thank you Talawa for the opportunity to work with such vibrant and creative people!


Some links about Hatch and Talawa:

View the Hatch website: https://talawablog.wordpress.com/typt16/?p=typt

View a trailer for Hatch: https://youtu.be/7kYJdXsrCps