Art Class Update : Week 2

Week 2 at the Art Academy in London bridge.

This week felt a lot more fast pace... The sculpture needed to be completed by the end of the session as next week we'll have a new challenge!

I found myself again really enjoying working with clay. This week I had to refine the body I had started to mould last week. 'Make the legs and arms less sausage like' was the advice lol! I also had to try and mould the face - she looks a bit scary and modernist now!

 It is really interested how working with clay to build the human form really gets your brain wired into thinking in 3D rather than the 2D world of graphic design. You really start to appreciate the structure of the human form and observe the details of the body's muscle and bone from all angles. I am hoping this will help with my sketching and painting when we move on from clay in a few weeks.