Weekly Art Fix : Making & Unmaking

This week's art fix comes from the Camden Arts Centre on Finchley Road. Inside this Victorian fronted building which doesn't look like much from the outside is a modern and bright space which was refurbished in 2004 by Tony Fretton Architects. The light modern airy space inside contrasts with the smoggy Finchley Road outside. It has a lovely garden space, cafe and bookshop and is free to visit! 

Making & Unmaking is a curated exhibition by the designer Duro Olowu. It features over 60 different artists who have all been selected by Olowu. Art, design, photography, jewellery, sculptures, fabrics and ceramics are all exhibited in an inspiring and colourful display which feels like a beautiful slice of inspiration from Olowu himself.

I found the exhibition really inspiring and it made me think of the inspiration that I have here in my family home. We were not allowed to take photographs as a number of the artworks are from private collections so I have taken some pictures of artwork around my family home which reflects some of the themes seen in the exhibition. Photos above are from the Camden Arts Centre website. Photo credit: Mark Blower.

Lisa from #blackbritishart advised me that I need to 'just do you' so thanks for the great art fix this week!