Art Class Update

Summer is here and i've started an art class at the Art Academy in London Bridge. Oh what fun! Having met Saskia Gall in India at the art retreat I thought i'd expand my art learning in London where she is teaching this summer and have some fun creating something new! 

Week 1 - Sculpture

The last time I worked with clay I was probably about 10 years old at Clapham Pool where we did pottery every saturday morning. I loved it then and think i'm now realising that I still do... I was late for the first class (bloody typical!) so had to shamelessly interrupt the intro session as I walked in. It's a class full of women and one man! Do men not do art classes mid week then? No problemo as I'm here to learn and express my creativity not to look for a potential date (lol). 

I loved the first class and was surprised at my starter effort - I was quite pleased with myself and here is the result of week 1. I will continue to update with each weeks art efforts! Ciao x