Brand Identity

Much more than a logo, your brand identity is the visual language in which you communicate your values, brand and services. It is important to create a consistent and recognisable brand identity to achieve commercial success and stand out within competitive markets. Brand identity covers everything from your logo, stationery, website, products, marketing, packaging and much more.


Logo Design

A good logo design needs to express your company’s identity in a clear and direct way. It must be instantly recognisable and is a key element within your brand identity. Carolyne has vast experience with logo design for small businesses, retailers, products, record labels and creative agencies and can help visualise your identity.

Art Direction

Art Direction can often be divided into two phases: idea and execution. The idea is the result of brainstorming sessions and execution is the result of the management of visual artists such as graphic designers, illustrators, photographers or whatever the idea requires. Carolyne has over 15 years of experience in branding, design strategy and creative direction working with a range of industries and creative partners.


Design for Print

Professional, well-designed marketing material not only shows you mean business, but also demonstrates the high quality standards of your own business. Carolyne has many years of experience supporting brands with their print needs, from leaflets, posters and flyers to more involved book and publishing design requirements.


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