talk and panel discussion organised and introduced by Carolyne Hill
@ Pop Brixton as part of BDT:18 Youth Events

Carolyne Hill, Chillcreate - “YOU BELONG”  Photography by Luke Forsythe @lookforsight

Carolyne Hill, Chillcreate - “YOU BELONG”
Photography by Luke Forsythe @lookforsight

In the creative world sometimes you can be fooled into thinking only certain types of people or certain types of jobs exist… and they may not be you or something you could consider.

“We want young people of Brixton to know that they belong and are needed within the creative industry and by following your passions you can succeed.” 

For many young people, becoming an architect, designer, film maker, artist, creative may seem unachievable. Not because of a lack of ability or aspiration, but because they may not have the encouragement, backing or access opportunities as some.

The evening at Pop Brixton featured 9 speakers from a range of creative industries who shared their experiences and tips on how to achieve success in creative careers. Speakers included: Julian Knox & Tamara Barton-Campbell (, Donya Davis (, The Fandangoe Kid (, Willkay (, Rachita and Rebecca (, Jessica Phillips (TV Film Producer and Director) and BREIS (

“I want to share my experience and that of other creatives with young people from Brixton so they too can be encouraged and inspired to follow their creative passions!”
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The Creative Speakers

Julian Knox & Tamara Barton-Campbell – Renaissance

Renaissance is a vibrant, creative studio in the heart of Brixton, London. Co-founded by Tamara Barton-Campbell (a creative producer) and Julian Knox (a multi-disciplinary artist), their work specialises in emotive and immersive experiences.  |  @rnssncldn

Donya Davis

Donya is a senior designer at Freuds, a London PR agency with high end clients and varied briefs from branding to digital design. Alongside her creative career Donya has launched her own bespoke greeting card company, born out of her love for calligraphy and strongly influenced by her  Jamaican roots. She has also recently launched her creative platform - #ForTheCulture. A community that champions it’s love for the Arts. Books. Theatre. Art. Work that speaks of narratives where culture has a safe space to exist, to breathe, to be. / /

‘Creativity and tackling the taboo’ by The Fandangoe Kid

The Fandangoe Kid’s work is about creating platforms for open conversations about difficult and complex subject matters. Her work took this direction following the loss of almost all of her family in 2011, changing her perspective on everything she had known to date. In 2015, she made a documentary with filmmaker and photographer, Tara Darby, about her experience, looking more broadly at death and trauma and how we approach it in western society, and why we often are unable to talk about such a vital subject matter, one that affects all of us. Since then, Annie has made a number of narrative driven installations ranging from stories about mental health, the importance of removing traditional and restrictive gender constructs, many tales of love and loss and thoughts on what it is to be a human being in our complex world. / @fandangoekid 

‘Feed your creativity’ by Willkay

Willkay is an artist, graphic designer and art director with a bright outlook on multiple subject matters, which has made him popular with the new generation of art buyers. He studied at Central Saint Martins followed by London College of Communication.

A creative whose work is lighthearted, intricate, brightly lit and playful with a sassy palette of colours. Having worked with a number of leading brands such as BBC, Adidas, Converse, and G-Star, he combines a number of mediums including photography, illustration, and graphic design.

His natural flair for creativity is illustrated in several of his pieces, which comprises of contemporary modern-day art reflecting his life, environment and character. He lives and works in London. / @willkay_oddking

Sisterhood - Rachita and Rebecca

Rachita and Rebecca, both designers and social entrepreneurs are co-founders of Sisterhood - they deliver hands on, practical, creative programmes that give girls the tools to gain confidence, courage  and charisma to make a positive change. Sisterhood provides a platform for girls to turn words into action through creative workshops. By encouraging girls to re-imagine, collaborate and provide creative solutions to gender specific and societal issues. / @oursisterhood / @our_sisterhood

TV life - Sink or Swim’ - Jessica Phillips

London born Jessica Phillips is a television producer and director with credits across all major UK broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV. She studied Modern History and the History of Art before embarking on a career as a journalist, writing for business journals, and then music/lifestyle magazines. Ten years ago she made the switch from print to television and has worked steadily growing a successful career as a Producer and Director ever since. 


BREIS (pronounced breeze) is a dynamic rap artist. A remarkable live performer who has performed worldwide with his fusion of hip hop, jazz and African rhythms. He is the founder of Hip Hop inspired arts education company, Student of Life. He has visited 1000s of schools across the UK, Washington DC, Malaysia to deliver keynote talks and facilitate rap and poetry workshops.  BREIS is also the author of,  ‘Brilliant Rappers Educate Intelligent Students’ – a collection of his rap lyrics and the inspiration behind them. Follow his social media (@mrbreis) to check out his latest projects. / @mrbreis

Photography by Luke Forsythe @lookforsight